Proteins for the future

In the transition to a more sustainable world, the quest for sustainable agriculture is souring. Vertical farming of insect proteins. That is what we do.

Ultuna Vertical Farming AB is an insect protein producer for human food, feed for animals and pet food. As a by-product we also produce Frass – the magic fertilizer for your plants.



Why insects?

3 million tonnes of Insects estimated to be produced by 2030.

-  Insects contain nutritious elements, corresponding to the dietary needs of fish, poultry and swine.

-  EU is not self-sufficient in the supply of animal feed ingredients.

-  Circular principle: from by-products from rural areas to important sources of nutrients.

-  5.000 tonnes of insects have been commercialised in EU since 2017


Take a look at the facts:


Why now?

Population growth and evolving diets' demand is already exceeding the World's available resources.

Food production will have to increase by 70% in 2050 to feed the growing population, with a doubled demand of meat. Our food system need to be transformed quickly in order to tackle this!

-  25% of the global fisheries used for fish meal

-  Insects are a natural feed for several livestock

-  Insects are a traditional staple food in many countries

Alternative protein sources can lack of several micro-nutrients as well as functional and sustainability criteria, to represent successful solutions. Therefore we, together with many researchers, believe insects vertical farming will be an important part of the future food system!


Photo by Ultuna Permakultur



The Vertical Farm

Our facility is situated at Green Innovation Park, next to SLU campus – the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Ultuna, Sweden.

Ultuna Vertical Farming transforms insects into premium, high-nutritious ingredients for pets, fish, plants, and human beings.

From its purpose-built vertical farm, we offer a long-term sustainable solution to switch to more environmentally friendly proteins. To achieve its negative carbon activity, Ultuna Vertical Farming uses state-of-the-art technology to breed house crickets (Acheta Domesticus) and Black Soldier Fly larvae (Hermetia Illucens).



Insects is a traditional food ingredient in many parts of the world, and considered as a delicatesse. It can be eaten as it is, but more commonly the protein is extracted and added into food products



Products are fed to the ever-growing segments of fisheries, poultry and swine



based on insect protein is booming and offering improved margins as compared to feed



the spilling of crickets, is separated, treated and used as powerful organic fertilizer with bio stimulation properties. It is a natural organic raw material, rich in chitin and insect biomarkers, which encourage plants to generate elevated immune responses and is rich in Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium


Ultuna Vertical Farming AB is a private company. If you are interested in investing in or cooperating with Ultuna Vertical Farming, please contact us using the form below.



Take the opportunity to join us in building a start-up that has already been awarded for innovation and impact potential. Here, you will work as a valued member of a small team, with world-leading scientists and entrepreneurs.

The Ultuna Vertical Farming team is dynamic and fast-moving and we expect to be growing quickly during the next few years – see open positions below. If you think you have the skills and experience to contribute on our journey, we welcome you to connect with us even at times when no specific position is announced.


Master’s student placements
Are you a Master’s student looking for a placement in a friendly, supportive team at the cutting edge of sustainability and food production? Or perhaps learning about what it takes to grow from a startup and build a successful company?

Join us!

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    We are registered as a primary producer of insects at Länsstyrelsen in Uppsala län.

    Post: Ulls väg 29 C, 75659 Uppsala
    Delivery: Nitzelius grand 6, 75659 Uppsala
    Visiting: Ulls väg 29 C, 75659 Uppsala


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